Monday, October 31, 2016

New Room for Maggie

Lots of changes going on in our house this year ... 
New babies - going from 2 kids to 3 kids
New weekly commitments for me - facilitating a core group for a Community Bible Study
Home Renovations.

Bless. Matthew's. Heart.

He is a good man to put up with my shenanigans. 

Maggie and Maddux share a room. This has worked okay for over a year now, but we always knew that eventually, they were going to have to be separated. Marshall and Maddux will eventually share a room. For now, though, Marshall and Maddux are both too young to share a room with one another. The thought of Maddux "helping" and putting a pillow or blanket in Marshall's crib just about made me not able to sleep at night, so we had to think of other options. 

We originally were going to just put doors on the two doorways that were open. But after thinking through some logistics we realized that it would be better in the long run to enclose a doorway and make it a wall instead. My parents were here on Labor Day weekend and so the project began. 

Here are some pictures of the original room. Originally, when the house was built in the 60s, this was a dining room. It's right off the kitchen. Once we had kids, this became their play room. We have always had ample kitchen and dining space, so we could sacrifice the dining room in lieu of a playroom. We finally decided to put the kid's toys in their rooms and ditch the playroom as well. 

These pictures were taken as I was KonMari-ing the toys. So all of the toys were in one place. I love the results of KonMari, but I hate the process.

Eventually, Matthew framed the wall out. 

We were originally planning on putting down different flooring, but when we ripped up the carpet and realized the hardwoods weren't in THAT bad of shape, we decided to keep the hardwoods. 

I chose a paint color and Matthew painted. I will speak in my defense here and say that I offered to paint. I actually really love to paint. I find it very therapeutic. Matthew wanted to do it himself. :)

We chose trim and painted it as well as the shelves that were already in the room. 

This is how the room looked this morning. 

Although it's difficult to tell from the dark pictures, the room really feels much brighter, lighter, and a lot more spacious with the trim lightened, the new paint color, and no more carpet on the floors. 

We're planning on moving her into this room sometime this week - before Daylight Savings Time ends, for sure! I'll have to post pictures once she's done and moved in. I'm looking forward to seeing her room come together.

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