Tuesday, February 24, 2015

January Happenings

I'm going to try to keep up with some sort of documenting of the kid's life and days this year. I'm going to combine kids into one post and do it on a monthly basis. That seems the most reasonable right now.

Maddux is at a point in his life that he takes forever to eat breakfast sometimes. He just eats and eats and eats. Generally, his breakfast is oatmeal with blueberries. I still have to feed him anything that's not finger food. He's showing very little interest in learning how to use a spoon. 

After going to Kansas City for Christmas we returned to find winter in full force in Chicagoland. It's always so disappointing to me to feel the first few cold days. We decided to stay in and make Valentines. Maggie was sporting a black eye this day because she ran face-first into a table. 

 Maggie is at a really great age to have a conversation. 50% of the time what she says makes perfect sense and 50% of the time none of what she says makes sense. She is especially fond of this Hello Kitty ViewFinder that she got for Christmas. "Mama, Hello Kitty is goin' to da zoo! Can we go dere too?"

This was before her nap one afternoon. She had been begging me to go outside to shovel with her little shovel. It was finally warm enough this day to go out without freezing, so we bundled up and shoveled off the deck and sidewalk. Maggie is still at the point in her life that she thinks almost every kind of work is fun.

Now that Maddux is only taking one nap, he goes down for his afternoon nap sooner than Maggie does. This gives Maggie and I some time to play by ourselves. She gets to pick what we do. This day, she chose Play-Doh. 

The kiddies are getting to the point that they play together fine, but both are relieved to have moments without the other to play with their toys however they want. Maddux enjoys playing by himself with me while Maggie watches Sesame Street.

From time to time, I ask Maggie what she thinks she's good at. I really enjoy hearing her answers. This time she said, "Umm... Tools, books, princesses, and Hello Kitty pudding." 

And this sweet baby is basically a toddler now. I am in denial and enjoying that his hands still look babyish. 

Daily Schedule for Maggie and Maddux
8:30 or 9:00 am - Kids wake up. Generally, I get Maggie up and dressed first, then I get Maddux up.
9:00 am - While I get Maddux up, Maggie starts her breakfast at the table. She usually has Greek yogurt. She will eat it while I go into Maddux's room to get his clothes on and get him to the table.
9:15 am - Feed Maddux his breakfast. Maggie has usually eaten all her breakfast at this point and gets down to play in the playroom. 
9:45 am - Maddux is finished with his breakfast. He gets down and goes into the playroom to play.
10:20 am - Maggie watches Sesame Street. It's on for a full hour, but Maggie only watches about 35-40 minutes of it. I kind of think an hour stretch of TV at a time for her is too overstimulating. Maddux continues to play in the playroom while Maggie watches Sesame Street. This is typically when he and I have our one-on-one play time. We play cars or read books, usually. He also likes to play with the play kitchen. 
11:00 am - Sesame Street is over and the kids head to their rooms for independent play. 
12:00 pm - Independent play is over. We clean up the toys and get ready for lunch. 
12:15 pm - Lunch time
12:45 pm - Both kids done with lunch. Get down and play in the playroom.
1:00 pm- Maddux down for his afternoon nap. After I lay
Maddux down, Maggie and I have about 30-40 minutes that we play. We do whatever Maggie wants (within reason, obviously.) We generally rotate between making "craffs" (crafts,) playing Play-Doh, reading books, coloring in a coloring book, and playing with her babies and kitchen. 
1:30-1:45 pm- Maggie goes down for a nap.
4:00 pm - I wake Maggie up from her nap. Maggie is a lot like me when she wakes up. She is very unamused to have her sleep disturbed. I would prefer to let her sleep until she wakes up, but if we let her sleep any longer than this, she typically has a difficult time falling asleep at night.
4:30-5:00 - Maddux up from his nap. 
5:00 pm - The kids play in the playroom while I makes supper. 
6:00 pm- Matthew home. Eat supper.
6:45 pm - Finished eating supper. If it's a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, I go and start the kids' bath. If not, they get down from the table to play. If it is bath night, they sit at the table with Matthew and wait until I come back from getting their bath ready. 
7:00 pm - Both kids are in the tub. 
7:20 pm - We try to be done with baths by this time so that the kids can play in their playroom with Matthew before it's time for them to go to bed. 
7:30 pm- Play in the playroom with Matthew.
7:45 pm - Bed time routine started. 
8:00 pm - In bed.

My life is a lot easier now than it was a year ago. It's nice to have kids on basically the same schedule.

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