Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Photos for January, February, & March

Being super behind on blog posts, I will simply post pictures from the last several months with a few comments on a some of the pictures. Vague, I know.

 Maggie loves to watch Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. 

 Maddux was four months old on February 8th. 

 Maggie ate some bok choy at my parent's house for the first time and loved it. Up until this point, she loved pureed spinach, but had never liked it in it's whole leaf form. I think it had a lot to do with texture. There wasn't much to chew in whole leaf form. She decided to get over it after eating this bok choy. 

 We ended January visiting my parent's house and ended our trip there snowed in and unable to fly out until the next day. This was Maggie's second time flying and Maddux's first. They both did well. Maggie cried quite a bit before the flight to KC. She calmed down once the airplane was taxiing and taking off. She did great on the flight home. 

 We celebrated Valentine's Day with heart-shaped pancakes.

 We celebrated Matthew's birthday with barbeque at Famous Dave's. 

 Maddux turned five months old on March 8th. 

 Maggie is ready to watch the Jayhawks during March Madness! 

 Maddux really started to enjoy his exersaucer. He liked to sit in it while we ate breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Because of his allergy issues, he had not had any solids at this point, so he wasn't sitting at the table with us to eat. Sitting in his exersaucer in the kitchen was a good alternative to him sitting in a high chair.

 In March, Matthew and I went to Houston to visit friends. We spent one of our days together in San Antonio. We went to the Alamo and walked along the San Antonio Riverwalk. 

 When we returned from Houston, my tiny baby had grown up into a toddler. It was the most depressing thing ever. She would no longer cuddle with me while she watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

  Giving this guy a bath never gets old. He has chins for days. He also peed on me while I took this picture. 

After a particularly rough morning, I decreed that we were going on a walk. So I busted out the double jogging stroller and away we went. A few minutes into our walk, I looked down to see Maggie holding Maddux's hand. Maggie told me, "Maggie likes bein' wif Brother. Maggie likes bein' wif Mama, too!"

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