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Maddux : Newborn Summary - 2 Months

Maddux was 2 months old on December 8th. This is a summary of his second month. 

2 Months Old

Milk Protein Allergy:
This is the biggest news in Maddux's life this month. I changed my diet while I was nursing to not include dairy and if Maddux got formula, he was receiving Allimentum or Nutramigen (hypoallergenic formula.) Maddux was still having blood in his stool. I called the pediatrician's office and asked what they wanted me to do. The pedi gave me a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist. We got an appointment for the next day and Matthew went with me. We met with the doctor and explained the situation. He determined that Maddux has a milk protein allergy (which we already knew,) but that his allergy is pretty extreme. Apparently this particular milk protein allergy is fairly uncommon. But Maddux is still allergic to the hypoallergenic formula, which puts him in a category of his own. Less than 2% of babies who have a milk protein allergy are this allergic to the milk protein. The solution to the problem was to give Maddux a different hypoallergenic formula called Elecare. The gastroenterologist said that I could keep breastfeeding, but that I should expect Maddux to have an allergic reaction every 5 days or so, because of cross-contamination of dishes and meals made. He said that choice was mine. Which leads me to the next part of the monthly summary ...

I had been eating dairy and soy free since we found out about Maddux's milk protein allergy. He was still having allergic reactions, which is why we got an appointment with the gastroenterologist. After the new formula, we waited a few weeks and realized Maddux was still having allergic reactions. At that point, I realized it was something in my breastmilk that was making him have reactions. That is not a good feeling. I was doing everything I could to eat dairy and soy free, and Maddux was still having trouble. It was so frustrating because I didn't know what I was eating or being cross-contaminated by. The Monday before Thanksgiving, he had a particularly bad reaction. He had blood in his stool again and he sounded quite wheezy. I made the decision then to be done with breastfeeding. I believe breastfeeding is best. I do not believe breastfeeding is preferable to breathing, though. 

Bottle Feeding:
The biggest problem I've had with bottle feeding Maddux has been that he hates the way that his formula tastes. It smells disgusting, so I can only imagine it doesn't taste great, either. I feel so bad for him - he will eat like he is hungry and then taste what's in the bottle and make a face a stop eating and cry. It generally takes him close to 45 minutes to eat. I try to get him to eat full feedings every time - right now, for him a full feeding is between 2-4 oz. 

Once we got the GI situation under control, napping was more normal. Maddux falls asleep unassisted most times that he naps. There have been a few times when he's been up for too long before I lay him down for a nap. During those times, I put him in his bouncy seat in his crib and turn on the vibration. This has been especially great for Sunday afternoons, when he's all messed up anyways because he's been at church all morning. We are still swaddling for naps and nighttime sleep. I am not in a hurry to wean him off the swaddle. Maggie wasn't weaned from the swaddle until she could roll herself into the position she wanted to sleep in (on her stomach.) Maddux doesn't have quite enough head control for me to feel comfortable with him sleeping on his stomach all the time. Naps are one thing, but nighttime sleep is quite another. During naps, I am awake and can check on him frequently. Nighttime sleep, ideally, I'm sleeping too! I'm not ready to lay him down on his stomach yet. 

Nighttime Sleep:
Maddux continued to wake once during the night throughout this month, but he had several nights that he slept almost all the way through the night and the day he turned 6 weeks old, he slept from 11:00 pm-6:30 am. That was not the norm, though, throughout this month. He generally woke around 4:30 or 5:00 am to eat. I fed him every time he woke in the night. 

Witching Hour:
There were nights that he had a witching hour. Usually on those nights, I put him in his bouncy seat the crib with the vibration on. He generally goes right to sleep and stays asleep this way. This prevents him from becoming overtired. 

Cry It Out?:
I have not done cry-it-out with Maddux. With all of his GI issues, I don't think it would be wise for me to do that. I use the Baby Whisperer's 4 S's and this sets the stage for sleep well enough for him that he doesn't really cry much going to sleep. There have been a couple of times that he has cried himself to sleep because he cried for less than 5 minutes while I finished up what I was doing with Maggie before I could get to him. Ahh ... the life of the second child. :)

Thanksgiving fell during this month. We went to Matthew's parents house and we just took the bouncy seat and Maddux's white noise. He slept great! 

My emotions are still pretty even. There have been a few days that have been particularly exhausting, and then, of course,emotions aren't great. But for the most part, I do not feel overwhelmed or emotional at all.

Schedule (more of a routine, really. I'm not rigid about this):
7:45 am - wake to eat, play
8:30 am - nap
10:45 am - wake to eat, play
11:30 am - nap
1:45 pm - wake to eat, play
2:30 pm - nap
4:45 pm - wake to eat, play
5:30 pm - nap
7:45 pm - wake to eat, bath
8:30 pm - in bed for the night
10:30 pm - dreamfeed
4:30 or 5:00 am - eat and then right back to sleep

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