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Maggie : Toddler Summary - 18 Months

This month was a busy month! We were traveling for over half of it, so a lot of the events and activities that took place are not "normal" for our every day lives. It was fun to have some unique things to fill our days, though. We went to Branson with my family and then back to Kansas City to stay with my parents for an extended visit. 
(Maggie the day after a late-night celebration for the Blackhawks after they won the Stanley Cup!)

Maggie was 19 months old on July 17th. This is a summary of her 18th month:

Distraction and Eating:
Like I said in the introduction, this month was not a normal month for us. We were traveling for over half of it. While we were in Branson, Maggie ate very little in comparison to her normally huge quantities. I think there is one big reason for this - Maggie is very social. She likes to be around people and where the action is. We didn't bring a highchair for her to eat in while we were in Branson, and we were staying in a hotel. The freedom of being able to walk around whenever she chose to was enough to override any hunger she was feeling. We don't allow her to walk around with food. She either has to eat it sitting down or not at all. Those rules are the same everywhere - home, Grandma's, church, everywhere. She knows the rules and chose to just eat less food then she usually does. She still ate a decent amount of food - she didn't go hungry. But she was ready to eat meals sooner than she usually is. It was a good confirmation that she definitely needs to keep sitting in a highchair at home for now. She's not ready to move to a booster seat yet. 

Quantities of Food Eaten:
In Branson, she ate very little food (for her.) While at home, she ate her normal amounts. At my parent's house, however, she ate massive amounts at breakfast and more normal amounts at lunch and supper. She ate 3 breakfasts at my parent's house pretty much every morning she was there. She would get up and eat her normal breakfast of Greek yogurt, and banana, and Cheerios. Then, my mom would make herself oatmeal and sit down to eat it. Maggie would come and ask for some of my mom's oatmeal. My mom, of course, gave her probably over half of her bowl. Then, my dad would cook his breakfast of sausage and eggs. Maggie's not big on the eggs, but she would eat 4 pieces of sausage for her 3rd breakfast. I seriously do not know where it goes! She is tall and skinny. She does run everywhere she goes, though, so I'm sure she burns some serious calories playing throughout the day. You'll also remember that she doesn't drink milk at any meal. She's not getting the calories from that that most kids do, so she makes up for it in her eating. 

The first night we were at my parent's house before we went down to Branson, we ate supper as we usually do. Maggie ate a ton at dinner, which isn't totally unusual. Everyone (parents and siblings) was commenting about how much she was eating and how they couldn't believe it. I didn't think she ate an extraordinarily large amount. Apparently, though, she overate. She went to bed around 8:30 and around 12:30 or 1:00, she threw up in her bed. I slept through the whole thing. While we stay at my parent's house, my sister sleeps in Maggie's room on a twin bed and I sleep in my sister's bed because I sleep horribly in a room with Maggie (I hear every time she moves or stirs.) My sister woke up when Maggie threw up and took her to the bathroom (Aunt of the Year Award!) and my mom was still awake, so my mom helped Melody clean everything up, all without ever waking me up. (I would have gladly woken up, I just didn't hear any of this going on.) Maggie only threw up once and after they cleaned her up, she was running around the house again (at 1 am.) My mom was worried Maggie wouldn't go back to sleep, but my mom just laid her back in bed and told her night-night and Maggie laid her head down and went back to sleep. Then, after we had been at my parent's house for a week after Branson, Maggie threw up at 6:30 on Sunday morning. She only threw up one time again, but this time she had a fever and just acted like she didn't feel good at all. She didn't get a rash or anything, so I'm not sure what the deal was. Just a weird random bug?

Independent Play:
This is still a necessity in our day. The rest of Maggie's life can be in upheaval, but as long as we have independent play, she is generally able to stay happy throughout the day. At my parent's house, she would grab her bag of toys and drag it to her room when I told her it was time for independent play. She really enjoys it. 

We went on our first vacation with Maggie since she's been walking. We learned a lot. :) The first lesson was about the highchair or some sort of seat for Maggie to sit in. The second lesson was about sleep. The girl needs to sleep. Everything we told her was met with a screaming, crying tantrum on vacation. Not necessarily enjoyable for us or her. Because Toddler Transitions talks about parenting outside the funnel, and we knew that Maggie's reaction to any direction she was given was a tantrum, we also knew that we were parenting outside the funnel. It really was basically impossible for us to parent inside the funnel while we were on this vacation without seriously messing up a lot of people's plans. So, we did the best we could. We didn't discipline her as we would have at home. That would not have been fair to her because we had created the situation she was reacting to. We simply took her to her pack-n-play (her bed for the trip) to fold her hands and get self control. It got to the point later in the vacation that she would ask to go there. She knew she could go there and cry and regroup. It worked for us. Once we were back in KC at my parent's house and on a more "normal" routine and she was sleeping her normal amount, the tantrums were gone. 

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood:
We found out that Maggie loves this show. This is the first show that has actually held her attention longer than 5 minutes. She was mesmerized. I'm planning on using this 30 minute show to my advantage once Bean is born!

"Thank You":
We had been working with Maggie on saying "thank you" when she was given something. For a long time, she didn't say anything in response or even attempt to say the words. Then she started jabbering various sounds. One day this month, I noticed her walking around saying "cue, cue, cue." She said it one day after I handed her something and it clicked. She had been saying her version of "thank you" for awhile and I just didn't know it! Oops! So now she says "cue" to pretty much everything she's given and will say it when she's prompted. 

Schedule this Month (Pretty much the same as last month):

8:30 or 9:00 - wake up and eat breakfast
9:30 - 10:45 or 11:00 - independent play in room in pack-n-play
11:00 - chores with Mama. Usually she "helps" me unload the dishwasher and we feed the dog together.
11:30 - free play with Mama. Usually reading books or blowing bubbles.
12:00 - pick up toys and get ready for lunch
12:15 - eat lunch
12:45 - 1:00 - change diaper, naptime routine
1:00 - 4:30 - naptime
4:30 - 5:00 - snack time (we eat a pretty late dinner)
5:00 - 6:00 or 6:15 - structured play. Sometimes in the high chair. She will color or play with a whiteboard and dry erase maker (don't worry, they're non-toxic.) Sometimes we do puzzles. It really varies and depends on what I need to finish for dinner prep. Matthew comes home during this hour, too, so she plays with him when he gets home.
6:15 - 6:45 - dinner.
6:45 - 7:10 - bathtime
7:10 - 7:30 - play with Daddy. Wind down for the night. Bedtime routine
7:30 - bedtime

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