Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Letter to My Daughter for Her Baby Dedication & Six Month Birthday

Should have posted this on Sunday, which was her actual six month birthday, but I thought better late than never. I'm posting so that you all (our friends and family) can keep us accountable to do these things:

Magnolia Anne,

We cannot believe you've been with us for six months today! God gave us a special gift when He gave us you. We know that you don't "belong" to us - you are the Lord's. We dedicated you in church today. We promised to do our best to raise you in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Your Daddy and I want you to know Jesus and follow Him more than anything else in the world. We pray that we are faithful examples in your life. 

 Daddy and I love one another very much, but we love Jesus more. Our number one priority relationship is with the Lord. Our relationship with one another is secondary. You fall in line after that. One promise we make to you is that we will not make you the center of our universe. You are a welcome part of our family. We want you to be secure, though. We want you to know that Daddy and I won't have a meltdown when you move out of our house. This is why we make our relationship with the Lord and each other a priority before our relationship with you. We want you to be free to follow where the Lord leads you. Don't ever say no to Him, Maggie. Even if Mama and Daddy aren't on board yet, don't say "no" to the Lord. We are praying for your sensitivity towards Him.

You bring us so much joy, sweet girl. We are overwhelmed by the blessing that the Lord has given us, but also the responsibility of what we have to teach you. Our goals for your life are to teach you about Jesus, His love for you, your response to Him, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, your spiritual gifts, love for the Church, and the global work that the Lord is doing. Practical things include teaching you how to make your own breakfast and lunch by the time you're five, how to do laundry, how to grocery shop, how to love a husband, should the Lord choose to bless you with one (believe me, the weight of this is heavy on me - God help me!), and how to function as a God-fearing woman in today's world. We pray that you will see Christ's reflection in us. We love you, Maggie!


Daddy and Mama


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  1. What a sweet blessing He has given Maggie to have the two of you as parents! I am so proud of who you are and praying for you as you raise such a precious gift to know, love & obey Jesus!