Saturday, November 26, 2011

From Homemaker to Mom

Quite a few things have happened since I posted last ... namely, a bun in the oven. Or a "Ricelet" in the oven, as my sister nicknamed the baby. Baby is due on January 6th, 2012 - but hopefully he/she will come sooner than his/her due date! We are not finding out what we are having and are quite excited to meet this little one. I am a little apprehensive about the delivery, as I have heard horror stories from almost everyone that I've talked to. I did talk to one of my husband's childhood friends today who had a wonderful delivery and shared with me everything that she experienced. What a relief it was to hear about a good delivery! If any of my blog readers has had a good delivery - tell people! We need more of THOSE stories instead of the horror stories.

Recently, I have been finishing up the nursery and getting last minute baby items ready. So weird that in 6 weeks, I will be holding my little bundle in my arms. I have been stretched to the limit the last few weeks, it seems. The holidays are even more exhausting when pregnant! My husband is currently fighting a cold and this leaves me hiding out from him. I can't take any of the medicine that he can take because of Ricelet and so I'm trying to avoid getting sick altogether.

I have also been made aware of how very selfish I am. His sniffing annoys the crumbs out of me. His coughing and hacking during the night annoys the crumbs out of me. He can't help it - I know that. But it still annoys me. Stupid, yes? I am a selfish individual. I complain about my perceived ailments - carpel tunnel onset because of pregnancy, terrible morning sickness until 23 weeks (and still some occasional sickness), a gestational diabetes scare so that I had to take the 3-hour glucose tolerance test, placenta previa towards the middle, breech baby and the possibility of a c-section. These things are unpleasant, but not life-threatening at this stage to me or the baby. It just shows me how very selfish I am to complain. There are people who have ailments far worse than mine - people whose pregnancies aren't healthy, people whose babies aren't healthy. I am blessed despite my discomforts.

Motherhood is already changing me. I am already obsessed with buying things for this new little one. So obsessed that I have neglected to buy things that I've needed (like socks without holes in them, oops!). This isn't necessarily a good impulse, I know. However, 8 months ago, I could not have been persuaded to buy a nicer baby shower gift than something I would buy for myself or my husband.

I didn't particularly pine for children - I was happy with just the two of us. We are complete by ourselves. We are thrilled to be added another little person to our family, but we are struck with the seriousness of raising another human being to be a functioning, contributing member of society. We take it seriously - we are their primary teachers. Scary and sobering! Exciting too, though.

So in a few short weeks, I will be adding another occupation to homemaker. It's not as if I'm abandoning being a homemaker, because being a mother involves both homemaking and mothering. Obviously. :) It will take some adjustment and getting used to. My mom will be here for a few weeks to help us make the adjustment smoothly - I am so thrilled to have her here! Matthew is too - he actually asked if she could stay with us, "for a long time after the baby is born." I think he knows that we are going to be clueless.

And that's okay. We'll learn. We'll figure it out. I'm excited to learn together and grow as a family. Hopefully when I post again in the not-too-distant future, I'll have nursery pictures to post. Thanks for stopping by!

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