Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Way of Looking at Things

Hello blog friends! I'm sorry I have been away for so long ... we didn't have the Internet at our house for a few months. That meant jaunting to the library any time I needed to use the Internet and this prohibited quite a few blog updates. I am back now and I have a fresh perspective gleaned from having to watch and listen to people all summer instead of have my head buried in my Internet world of supportive friends.

I truly do love blogs. I have found so much support and encouragement as I have embarked on this homemaking journey in the last year that I might never have found had I not stumbled across some blogs. Still, I think reading these blogs of encouragement and support has caused me to be a little oblivious to the fact that in my circles, there are many people who think that homemaking is a waste of time for someone with a college degree. Yes ... I said it. Because I have a college degree, some people think that homemaking is not a worthwhile pursuit for me.

I wasn't aware of this until one day, in Sunday School, my husband asked me if I had to work that day. When he asks me that, I know that he's asking if I have a specific task at home planned for that afternoon. I coyly replied, "I work everyday." One of the guys in the Sunday School class snickered and said, "Doubtful."

I'm not sure where the disconnect is between those of us who stay at home or, for men, have spouses who stay at home, and those of us who choose to go to work in the corporate world. Aren't we all working towards a similar goal. Why is it so threatening that a college educated woman makes that conscious decision to stay at home to take care of her home and husband? Why can't women who work outside the home just say, "I support the choice that you have made," to women who choose to stay at home?

And on the other hand, many of the women in my homemaking circles have taken a negative attitude towards women who work outside the home. I don't want to be one of those women. I know that there are plenty of options for women and I am grateful to the people who fought to open those doors to my generation. I am appreciative of the fact that my mother taught me the value of hard work both inside the home and out.

My goal is as I speak out more about this issue is to take the stigma out of both options. There should be no stigma attached to women who choose to stay home and take care of their households and husbands. There should also be no stigma attached to women who choose to work outside the home. My fear is that both "sides" of the issue have a stigma attached to them by the other "side."

Let's get over it, ladies! I'm tired of listening to people tell me that I should be working outside the home, because, "After all, you paid a lot of money for your college degree." I'm sure others who work outside the home are sick of hearing that they should be staying at home to take care of their families. When we catch ourselves attaching one of these stigmas to someone, let's adopt a new way of looking at things. See it from someone else's perspective.

Hope you all have had a wonderful beginning of the school year and the Autumn season!

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