Friday, July 9, 2010

Some Pretty Dishes and Pack Rats

I read a great post on a blog today (you can find Manuela's post @ The Pleasures of Homemaking). In case you don't go to her blog to read it, it summarizes why we should make the best of what we have. Great food for thought!

I was looking through pictures the other day of our home before we moved into it and our home shortly after we moved into it and then I see how it is current day. We don't have tons of money to spend on structural changes, so I've done the best that I can making cosmetic ones. We inherited a lot of great old dishes with the house that we moved into. These the plates on the row with the Eiffel Tower plates were not inherited. I bought those at TJ Maxx when they went on sale. The tea cups, though are inherited dishes from my husband's great grandmother.

The platter above is another dish in the set that we inherited from my husband's great grandmother. The gold rimmed white plates that are propped up next to it were found in our kitchen cabinets. We bought this house from my husband's grandpa, so I have no idea where the plates came from other than they were his grandma's at some point. The set of white dishes (with the coffee/tea cups on top of them) with the platinum band around them is our wedding china.

This curtain on my front door was one that my mom had made for me. It's red toile and it matches the curtains on my living room window. (This picture is mostly for my mom because she hasn't seen them yet :) Thanks mom!)

And then ... lest you think my house is always clean (haha! I know that none of you think that!) Here is our pack rat tendency in its full glory. It rears its ugly head the most in our bedroom. It is both my "stuff" and my husband's "stuff." We are working hard to get it under control and get rid of stuff. This is why I love FlyLady so much :)

Look closely! On the bed, you can see our Chorkie, Ike, all cuddled up!

I am relieved to let you know that our bedroom does not look like this today! I spent all day yesterday cleaning and organizing and getting rid of stuff. I do love a clean room and once I get rid of things, I really am a happier person. My encouragement to you today is to get rid of stuff! Don't let your bedroom look like mine did. And because I don't like to leave you with ugly pictures ... here's a pretty one that my sister took in the spring.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Mary Anne!

    Welcome to blgging (or I guess welcome back to blogging since you said you had blog before)!

    Thanks for mentioning my post today. Yes, it's perfecting find and I'm delighted that you found it interesting!

    I love the china you inherited from you husband's great grandmother - just beautiful! Also, love the red toile curtain on the door (red toile is my favorite)!

    I'm with you on decluttering. I always feel so much better when things are neat and tidy!


  2. Hi Mar,
    Love the display of your dishes! You have done a great job! The door curtain looks good too, thanks for posting the picture! Grandma D would love your red and white too.
    I am glad you got the decluttering bug--I need it too! You are an inspiration to me!
    Have a great rest of the week!
    Love you,