Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Martha Stewart

I suppose Martha Stewart isn't necessarily the most "intellectual" (since that's what this blog is about) choice for an obsession, but she is mine. :) I realize that many people dislike her because she is "too perfect" or think she got convicted and sent to jail because of insider trading (which she didn't ... she was convicted of obstruction of justice) or because she has made a living marketing a lifestyle that she does not even have (she works beyond full time and has maids and various other staff to do her dirty work). Caitlin Flanagan has a fabulous book that talks about this phenomenon called To Hell With All That:Loving and Loathing Your Inner Housewife. The book is funny, poignant, and a really enjoyable read overall.

I blame my Grandma "D" for my love of Martha Stewart. My grandma also loved Martha and we would spend many hours watching her show and reading her magazine. My grandma wasn't anal about her home, though. For as far back in my life as I can recall, our family always gathered at my grandma's home. We spent many holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and just plain normal days at my grandma's house. Hers was always the place to me. I loved it. And since she loved Martha Stewart, I do too.

I recently wrote Martha a letter though, because I was disappointed by her choice to move to cable television (yes, I'm the nerdy type of person who writes letters to people when I am upset.) Because we have things in our life that are more important than, cable television, we don't have it, nor are we getting it. As a result, I will not be able to see any new episodes of the Martha Stewart Show. Boo hiss.

Still, one of the benefits of someone like Martha Stewart for my generation is that even her quirky obsession with being ridiculously organized is cute because many of us didn't grow up knowing how to do things like bake bread, or menu plan, or organize a linen closet. There were many things that I didn't know how to do when I got married. I learned, but it has taken some time and a very frustrated husband many nights. There are many things that I'm still not good at (like planning seasonal menus - I like to cook in the oven :)). But for some of the other stuff, like making a schedule for the week so that everything gets done at least once and organizing all our stuff as a result of us both being pack rats, I found a lot of great resources at Really practical and easy to follow - and I admit, I hoard those emails as if they were gold. :)

That's all for today. Maybe some pictures tomorrow if I can make my Internet connection last for longer than 10 seconds without reconnecting to the server. Thanks for stopping by!

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